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At $300 Data Recovery, our experienced team provides the same professional data recovery services as the expensive companies, including firmware repair, head/platter swaps, and chip-off recovery, all for a fair, flat fee. Since 2007, we’ve successfully recovered data from over 30,500 failed devices!

We’re the top-rated data recovery company!

With more than 5300 5-star reviews, we’re the highest-rated data recovery company on Earth (not just in Los Angeles & Hollywood)!

Don’t take our word for it. All our reviews are easily verifiable on BBB, Facebook, Yelp, Google, and Shopper Approved


Top 3 Customer Questions:

What’s the cost for data recovery?
what's the cost to recover my data?
Can my device be recovered?
Can my data be recovered?
How do I start my data recovery?
How do I start the data recovery process?


Learn More About $300 Data Recovery

Watch interviews with $300 Data Recovery’s lead technician & owner, Brian Cometa:

Brian Cometa / $300 Data Recovery interview
*Part 1 and Part 2 were filmed in July 2017. Part 3 was filmed in June 2019. Our abilities have increased significantly since 2017 (and we’ve expanded)! Submit our Chances Form to find out if we can recover your data.

How do we successfully recover your data?
Our tried-and-true recovery process has been refined through over 30,000 recoveries. Learn more about the steps we take to recover your data safely and efficiently by visiting Our Process page.

Which state-of-the-art tools do we use for data recovery?
We utilize a combination of advanced hardware/software tools and physical techniques in our cleanroom to recover data from failed devices. Learn more about our “Best-in-class” hard drive, SSD, and flash recovery tools on our Tools page.

Why choose $300 Data Recovery over other data recovery companies?
Transparent flat fees, no sales calls, and no “bait-and-switch” tactics make us stand out from the competition. Learn more on our How We’re Different page.


Why Are Our Customers Consistently Happy?

Data Recovery Prices
We have the lowest fixed rates in the data recovery industry ($300, $400, or $500). Our rates are not dependent on the problem with your device (e.g., your hard drive needs “level 3” repairs like a “head swap” or “platter swap”). Plus, all potential fees are thoroughly explained on our rates page.

Timely Communication
We keep our customers informed with up-to-the-minute updates via e-mail/SMS. You can expect no less than five emailed updates detailing our progress throughout your recovery. We’re also available via online chat, phone, and e-mail during business hours (10 AM-6 PM PST Monday-Friday).

Managed Expectations
After submitting our “Chances” Questionnaire, we’ll write back with a realistic estimate of the likelihood your data can be recovered. We also include informative stats, like the number of times we’ve worked on your specific model and the average cost of a “donor drive,” along with a definitive price estimate. Once we recover your data, and before you pay, we’ll send you a listing of all the recovered data for your approval.

Our process is simple — just submit our “Chances” questionnaire. Once receiving our response, submit our pre-filled drop-off or mail-in form. We’ll handle the rest, including finding a compatible donor drive. If you don’t already have a Transfer Drive, you can purchase one from us for a fair price. After approving the recovered data, you’ll pay online using a credit card (or BTC/ETH).


We're the highest rated data recovery company!

Proven Excellence

We've earned more than 5,300 5-star customer reviews on sites like Yelp, BBB, Google, ShopperApproved, and Facebook. No data recovery company can match the number of positive reviews we've earned since opening our doors in 2007. Click below to see what our customers are saying about us.

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Low Flat Fees, Clear up-front pricing

Why Pay More?

We charge less than any other professional data recovery company and perform the same type of repairs as the big guys. Since we know what it takes to keep your data safe, and only charge a fee if we can recover your data, you have nothing to lose (and may save thousands of dollars by choosing $300 Data Recovery).

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Affordable RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

We have a 90%+ success rate for RAID data recoveries. We can recover all RAID types: RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5, RAID-6, even Drobo RAIDs. Unlike other data recovery companies, there is no extra charge for SAS/SCSI drives. Click below to see how our uniquely affordable RAID recovery pricing works.

RAID Data Recovery Pricing

Emergency/Priority Service

Emergency/Rush Service

Data recovery emergency? We'll get your data back ASAP with our Priority Service. Our "rush" service drops our normal 5-10 day turn-around to about 1-2 days -- sometimes even same-day. Plus, you can download up to 25GB of your most essential files immediately after you've approved our file listing.

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