Hi Elizabeth,

We just received your device!

Before we can start working on your data recovery, we need to review our policies just to avoid any confusion down the road. Please write back to confirm that you understand and agree to our Terms & Conditions below (you can just write “I AGREE”).


We have attached a link to collect the $50 up-front/non-refundable Priority fee, and we will move your drive to the front of our data recovery queue as soon as your payment is received.

Please click the link below to submit your payment:



*If you want to pay with BTC/ETH, just reply to this message to let us know.*

Unlike other data recovery companies, we do not diagnose your device first and then provide an estimated cost for recovery. Instead, our flat fee rates are pre-determined, and you agree to pay our rate (specified below) if we can retrieve at least 99% of the data/sectors on your device.

IF WE CAN RECOVER AT LEAST 99% OF THE DATA/SECTORS ON YOUR DEVICE, YOU AGREE TO PAY $500 (this includes our $200 fee because you opted for Priority/Rush Service).

*If your drive is found to be encrypted (i.e., with Bitlocker, FileVault, WD Smartware, or “SED” encryption, etc.), a $100 “encryption fee” will apply.

You opted for our Priority/Rush service! Priority Service means your device will move to the front of our data recovery queue, and the typical turn-around time is 1-2 days. However, depending on the damage to your device, the recovery may take longer. If we can’t recover your data, we’ll typically let you know within 24 hours. Priority Service incurs a $50 up-front fee. If the recovery is successful, there will be an additional $150 fee.

If we recover less than 99% of the sectors on your device, we will send you a file listing of the good/bad files (if not possible, then the “percentage” of the files or sectors recovered). You can then decide if the data we recovered is worth our rate. We charge a $100 LABOR FEE (per drive) if you don’t want the data we recovered.

If we are unable to retrieve any data, we will RETAIN the $50 up-front Priority Service fee, but there will be no further charges (besides shipping back, if applicable).

Note: if we have to perform a “chip-off/monolith” recovery for this device (always a last resort due to the time required to perform such a repair), we charge $500 per data chip (and a $100 per chip labor fee if you decline our recovery). We’ll get your approval before continuing with a “chip-off” recovery if our non-chip-off methods fail. You can read more about our chip-off rates here: www.300dollardatarecovery.com/sd-microsd-monolith-data-recovery/

Once we determine that at least 99% of your data is recoverable, or after you approve a “partial recovery” because less than 99% recovered, we will start moving your data to the smallest drive we have available for purchase that can accommodate all your data.


If we cannot successfully recover your data, we only permit sending your device(s) back to your address on file (some exceptions are allowed with prior approval). We may also offer to send your device to another data recovery company if we think there is a possibility another company may be able to help. We will not send your device to any company we have not vetted.

We charge a flat rate for shipping any single-drive recovery (one bad drive + one transfer drive): $20 within the USA. Shipping to other countries and multi-drive recoveries (i.e., RAIDs or several recoveries in one shipment) will cost extra (price to be determined based on actual shipping rate).


At the end of our service, we will send you a money request for payment.

We also accept payment via Bitcoin.

You will have 14 days to pay for your recovery. After 14 days of non-payment, you will incur a $10/week storage fee. After 60 days of non-payment and non-communication, we will recycle your drive (including a transfer drive, if applicable).


By responding “I AGREE,” you agree that under no circumstances shall you be permitted to return to $300 Data Recovery (whether for a cash refund, credit, or exchange) any goods or services provided, including, but not limited to, any transfer hard drive sold to you in order to accommodate all recovered data.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our services, policies, or pricing BEFORE agreeing to our terms.

Thank you!
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