A few important Mac text-related shortcuts


When working with text, there are a few crucial shortcuts to know.

You should already know these

Command + A : Select All
Command + C : Copy
Command + V : Paste

You may not know these

Option + Arrow - Left : Jump to beginning of previous word
Option + Arrow - Right : Jump to end of next word

Shift + Option + Arrow-Left : Select previous word
Shift + Option + Arrow-Right : Select next word

Command + Arrow-Left : Jump to beginning of current line
Command + Arrow-Right : Jump to end of current line

Shift + Command + Arrow-Left : Select all words on line to the left of cursor
Shift + Command + Arrow-Right : Select all words on line to the right of cursor

I just discovered this one

Shift + Command + Arrow-Right + Arrow-Left : Select all words on current line
(in the past I did : Shift + Command + Arrow-Right then Shift + Command + Arrow-Left)

If you must use the mouse

• Double-click a word to select it
• Triple-click a word to select the whole line

If you’re on a Macbook, Powerbook, or iBook, it’s important to know that Function+Delete is the opposite of Delete; it removes a space in front of the cursor (the opposite of backspace).

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