A Quick Look at Evernote: The Searchable Online File Cabinet

Picture 9.jpgI recently learned about Evernote after seeing it on GeekBrief.tv. It’s currently invite only, but I received one a few days after requesting (I also have some available, leave a comment if you want one). Evernote works with any web browser and includes a stand-alone applications for Mac and PC. But what does it do?

“Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at anytime, from anywhere.”

I think of Evernote as an offline and online searchable file cabinet. You can store “clips” from web sites, text notes, pdfs, images, and even audio. If you’re using the standalone application, the data is the synced to the Evernote server, making it available from any computer.

Here’s the cool part. A few moments after data has been synced to the Evernote server, it’s searchable (not audio files). For example…

This is an image in my Evernote account:

Picture 4.jpg

Here’s the result when I do a search for “discography” using the web app:

Picture 6.jpg

This is another image in my Evernote:

Picture 8.jpg

Web app result for “parking”:

Picture 5.jpg

Stand alone app result for “sunday:”

Picture 7.jpg

Learn more about Evernote by watching their demo video.

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