Avoid Using Terminal with These Free iPhone & Mac Applications

iPhone Terminal Alternatives

MobileFinder (also on installer.app) – Browse your iPhone’s file system, change file permissions from within the iPhone, move/delete files and folders, even send files via-e-mail

Picture 27.jpg IMG_0043.jpg IMG_0042.jpg

AFPd (also on installer.app) – Connect to your iPhone via Finder just like any other networked computer

Picture 28.jpg Picture 29.jpg

Mac Terminal Alternatives

iRepair – Easily change unix file permissions

Picture 23.jpg

Invisibility Toggler – Show/Hide invisible files with a simple double-click of this tiny automator application

Picture 24.jpg

Symbolic Linker – Create a symbolic link (like an alias) from the Finder contextual menu

Picture 25.jpg

ACL Fix – Removes ACLs from files and folders

Picture 26.jpg

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