Back from my trip to Vietnam & Thailand… corewerkz resumes

bangkok night small medium crop.jpg

HDR night-shot from downtown Saigon, Vietnam

This was one of the first trips in a long time that I didn’t bring my powerbook along with me. I did have my iPhone (I had just unlocked the SIM with ziphone before leaving) which worked in Vietnam and was crucial for finding free WiFi. Also, in Airplane mode, the iPhone is really a great iPod with a really long battery life.

My main interest throughout the trip was taking pictures with my new Canon 450d DSLR camera. I got some good opportunities to try taking HDR pictures. If you don’t know about HDR, a technique you can easily do with just about any Canon camera, check out this wikipedia article. If you’re bored, you can check out my first set of photos from my trip on my Flickr page.

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