How can I Recover Data from a Failed Raid?

Do you belong to the majority of pc users who refuse to back up their files because they think that data loss will never happen to them? Do you believe that your Raid (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is invincible and will never break down? If you are, you better start setting up your backup […]

Full Disclosure $300 Data Recovery’s Raid Data Recovery

Hiring an expert is often the last option when dealing with a problem you can’t solve. It is also the same with the restoration of lost files. However, getting the services of a data recovery company can be quite risky due mainly to the following: • Risk of leakage of personal information • Upfront payment […]

300 Dollar Data Recovery’s Raid Data Recovery Services

Having at least one backup of your important files has been recommended for more than a decade now. Unfortunately, very few people bother usually because they believe that with the superior technology we have today, losing wanted files is very remote. This is, however, not really the case. There are still several reasons why a […]

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