New Apple Recalls: Frayed MagSafe Adapter / Cable

Another new recall added to our recall list: frayed/stressed MagSafe AC Adapter cables. See the details here on Apple’s site: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4127. This recall is good for up to 3 years after purchasing MagSafe Adapter (or the computer it came with), or May 21 2012, whichever is later.   See the complete list of all Apple Recalls

New Apple Recall Added to List : MacBook Hard Drives

Problem Model: MacBook Problem component: Hard Drive How to identify if you have the problem: “Flashing Question Mark” with certain hard drives. Processor speed = 1.83ghz, 2ghz, or 2.16ghz. HD Capacity = 60gb, 80gb, 100gb, 120gb, or 160gb. My guess is at least Seagate drives with firmware 7.01 and 3.CAE (or 3.XXX) are covered, since […]

A Complete List of Apple’s Recalls (Updated 5-14-12)

I’ve compiled a list of all the known Apple recalls (aka Exchange & Repair Programs). It includes current and expired recalls (so people will know if there is a known problem with their system even if Apple won’t cover it anymore), how to identify problem models, and links directly to Apple’s site for each specific […]

New Apple Recalls: 1tb iMac (2011) Seagate Hard Drives & MacBook Bottom Case

Another new recall added to my recall list: 1TB Seagate Hard Drives in some 2011 iMacs. See the details here on Apple’s site (and enter your serial number to see if you have a bad drive): http://www.apple.com/support/imac-harddrive/. Also, this one got by me somehow, some MacBooks shipping between Oct 09 and April 11 are being […]

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