How to Print USPS Shipping Labels in Snow Leopard 10.6

I remember having a similar problem when Leopard came out… trying to print a label from usps.com would look like it’s working but the print dialog box would never appear. There soon came a workaround, clicking the bottom left corner of the screen (a hidden button, basically) would allow the label to be opened in […]

Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari Bookmarks

For instant access to any bookmark in Safari (and probably Firefox) you can set up a keyboard shortcut to automatically open the bookmarked website. Here’s how: 1) Go to Safari and note the exact title for the bookmark(s) you want to quickly access. In my case, it’s “wells”, “amex”, and “ing” – my banking sites. […]

Safari: Open .torrent Files Automatically After Downloading

I’m all about efficiency — especially when it comes to downloading my torrents. I’ve been gradually getting more and more annoyed that every time I download a .torrent file, I have to double click it (in the Downloads window) to have it open in Transmission. Solution: Download this zip file which contains a revised version […]

Hawk Wings’ Page o’ Apps!

Just wanna give a shout out to Hawk Wings, a website I just discovered today. This page is just filled with tons of free and cheap apps and scripts (or “plug-ins” as they call them) for the most commonly used Mac apps. I highly recommend checking it out to see what cool things your missing… […]

Trick to Easily Rotate Address Book Photos

Since I just bought Cyntact for my iPhone, I’ve been moving my photos from iPhoto’s “Faces” into Address Book. Unfortunately, there is no easy (free) way to do this automatically, but I did stumble upon a neat trick when adding pictures to your Address Book contacts: Option clicking the picture allow you to rotate it! […]

Listen to FLAC Audio Files in iTunes Without Converting

While most online songs are in MP3 format, which is compressed and degrades audio quality, some are available in another format called FLAC. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. FLAC file sizes are much larger in exchange for superior sound quality (like a CD) — they also aren’t supported in iTunes. I recently downloaded […]

Use Text-To-Speech (“Start Speaking Text”) in Firefox

A few days ago I made my yearly move from Safari to Firefox. It starts up quicker for me than Safari and web pages load 2-3x faster. However, I was stumped today when I wanted my Mac to read me a Flash 101 tutorial. I went to Firefox -> Services -> Speech, but “Start Speaking […]

Control Your iPhone From Your Mac (ATTACH KEYBOARD TO IPHONE!)

If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone (which, btw, is now possible with firmware 2.2) you can easily control it from your Mac (or PC). Check it out: What does this mean? How do you do it?

Fusion + XP + uTorrent = Super Fast & Reliable Mac Torrent Downloads

As previously mentioned, Transmission works for downloading torrents on your Mac. But lately, at least for me, it’s been slow and unreliable — so I’ve set out to find a new solution. While browsing forums for ideas, I found a post mentioning uTorrent. A few hours later, I was downloading torrents VERY quickly and reliably […]

Google Gear Plugin For Safari = Offline Google Docs

Google just released a Safari plug-in that makes your Google Docs available offline — when you don’t have an Internet connection. The setup process is effortless, here’s a quick-start guide: Using Safari, go to the Google Gears web site and install. After installation, you’ll notice some new menu items on the docs.google.com site: Click the […]

Jump Directly to Safari’s Search Box

Just heard this great shortcut mentioned on The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab Podcast: In Safari, Command+Option+F will bring you directly to the google search box. Although this is listed in the Edit menu, I never noticed it before and it beats my old method, Command+L (url bar) then Tab.

Create Bookmark Folder While Creating New Bookmark in Safari

In Safari, when you create a new bookmark by pressing Command+D or by clicking the “+” icon in the toolbar you see this pop-up window: As a highly organized bookmarker, not having the option to make a new bookmark folder from this pop-up is a big pain. As you can see, I’m bookmarking a motorcycle […]

Synergy Tutorial for Sharing One Keyboard and Mouse with Several Macs & PCs

Although Teleport has been serving my mouse and keyboard sharing needs wonderfully for my networked Macs, I’ve been bothered lately that I have no remote control over my PC. The solution to this problem is Synergy, which lets you share a “server” keyboard and mouse between several “client” Macs and PCs on your network. I’ve […]

Take advantage of push email servers in Mail.app @ macosxhints.com

Here’s an excerpt from a macosxhints.com hint about optimizing Leopard Mail for accounts that support “push” (like me.com and gmail): …this is a great way to keep your mailboxes up-to-the-second current without having Mail.app hog the bandwidth, checking every minute or five minutes. If your server supports IDLE (Gmail, .Mac/MobileMe, and most university servers do), […]

How to fix the SSL “Verify Certificate” issue in Leopard Mail

Does this screen look familiar? If you’re constantly having to click “Always trust XXX when connecting to XXX” when using Mail with SSL on, your solution may be a few clicks away. In the above image, notice that it says “Always trust “smtp.gmail.com” when connecting to “imap.gmail.com”.” The problem here is that Leopard won’t ever […]

Move Mail Messages to Folders in Hyperspeed Using MsgFiler

If you’re like me, you organize your Mac Mail into folders (aka Mailboxes). I like to keep my Inbox as close to empty as possible — that means, when I get new messages I move them out of the Inbox and to their appropriate folder immediately. Since I have 5 IMAP e-mail accounts all with […]

Make a MobileMe Status Dashboard Widget

During the MobileMe mail outage today, I thought of a convenient way to check MobileMe’s status using Safari’s new Web Clip Widget: (notice the error above: mobileme mail is down and it still says all services are okay… see apple’s correction on the next page) Keep reading for the 3 easy steps to make your […]

MobileMe’s iDisk Changes

Although much hasn’t changed with the iDisk after the switch from .Mac to MobileMe, I have noticed a couple welcome changes: First, when uploading something to an iDisk, you get a real progress bar/file transfer box. In the past, you would probably just see this box for a few seconds. It would close quickly, looking […]

Use SMARTReporter to Predict Disk Failure Before it Happens

While I’ve seen SMARTReporter around for years, for some reason I never decided to use it — until now. SMARTReporter will periodically check the S.M.A.R.T. status of ATA, SATA, and eSATA drives connected to your computer (although, not firewire drives). What is S.M.A.R.T.? According to Wikipedia, S.M.A.R.T. “is a monitoring system for computer hard disks […]

Winclone Makes Cloning a Boot Camp Partition Super Easy and Free!

I never had the need to clone a Boot Camp partition — until yesterday (when I did a hard drive replacement and clone). There were several suggestions for cloning the Boot Camp partition around the interwebs, talking about complicated (well, time consuming) techniques using XP programs, re-creating disk images via boot camp, and re-installing XP […]

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