Top 10 Clever Uses for Dropbox

Top 10 Clever Uses for Dropbox http://lifehacker.com/5933884/top-10-clever-uses-for-dropbox

This old backup: how to dispose of your old archives without exposing yourself

This old backup: how to dispose of your old archives without exposing yourself http://arstechnica.com/business/news/2012/03/this-old-backup-how-to-dispose-of-your-old-archives-without-exposing-yourself.ars Affordable Data Recovery

MobileMe’s iDisk Changes

Although much hasn’t changed with the iDisk after the switch from .Mac to MobileMe, I have noticed a couple welcome changes: First, when uploading something to an iDisk, you get a real progress bar/file transfer box. In the past, you would probably just see this box for a few seconds. It would close quickly, looking […]

Migrate Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks from iPhone to Mac

I just stumbled upon a method for moving contacts (Address Book), calendar events (iCal), and bookmarks (Safari) from your iPhone to Mac. This will be useful if your hard drive died, computer was stolen or lost, or if you’re moving from a PC to a Mac (i.e. your iPhone was previous synced with a PC […]

Winclone Makes Cloning a Boot Camp Partition Super Easy and Free!

I never had the need to clone a Boot Camp partition — until yesterday (when I did a hard drive replacement and clone). There were several suggestions for cloning the Boot Camp partition around the interwebs, talking about complicated (well, time consuming) techniques using XP programs, re-creating disk images via boot camp, and re-installing XP […]

Mozy.com = $5/month UNLIMITED online backups

I’ve just recently learned about Mozy, a $5/month unlimited off-site backup solution. Yesterday I purchased, downloaded, installed, and began backing up — all in about 5 minutes. Although I have more than 1TB of data, and it will probably take more than 2 months to completely upload everything, I think this is a great backup […]

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