Moving from Quicksilver to Alfred (Mac App Launcher)

I have been using Quicksilver (free) as my app launcher for the past few years. I’ve been highly accustomed to it’s abilities and shortcuts, but have grown sick of it’s little bug: pasteboard pops up at random times (for the past year!). Searching around, I needed to find an app launcher that did what Quicksilver […]

Quickly and Neatly Open Two Pre-Specified Finder Windows Via Applescript

Several times a day on my Plex Mini I was opening the same two Finder windows (the “new downloads” folder and the “tv shows” folder) to make sure stuff in “new downloads” was being automatically transferred (using Episode Linker) to my “tv shows” folder. Well, instead of manually opening the two Finder windows, resizing the […]

Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari Bookmarks

For instant access to any bookmark in Safari (and probably Firefox) you can set up a keyboard shortcut to automatically open the bookmarked website. Here’s how: 1) Go to Safari and note the exact title for the bookmark(s) you want to quickly access. In my case, it’s “wells”, “amex”, and “ing” – my banking sites. […]

Use Applescript & Quicksilver to Rate iTunes Songs From Any Application

I’ve recently become obsessed with rating songs on my iPhone. I have too many bad songs and need to weed them out. But, when listening to music throughout the day it’s a pain to stop what I’m doing, switch to iTunes, rate the track, then go back to what I was doing. So, I made […]

Safari: Open .torrent Files Automatically After Downloading

I’m all about efficiency — especially when it comes to downloading my torrents. I’ve been gradually getting more and more annoyed that every time I download a .torrent file, I have to double click it (in the Downloads window) to have it open in Transmission. Solution: Download this zip file which contains a revised version […]

Browse Files Using the Arrow Keys in Quick Look’s Full Screen Mode

A new hint was posted today on Mac OS X Hints explaining how to re-gain use of the arrow keys in Quick Look’s full screen mode. The solution worked but I thought that there had to be a better, quicker, easier way. So, I started trying various other keys when in Quick Look full screen […]

Change Default “New Finder Window” Folder. Easy.

Just about every time I open Finder on my Mini, I end up navigating to the same folder on my external “Video” drive. It’s the folder with all my newest Torrent downloads from uTorrent. Today I realized that there has got to be a more efficient way — a way to have Finder automatically open […]

New Leopard “Sleep Display” Shortcut

As you probably know, I’m all about shortcuts and using the keyboard instead of the mouse to improve efficiency and productivity. Well, there’s a new shortcut in Leopard just for sleeping the display (I did have a hot corner setup, but this is faster and easier): Shift+Control+Eject

Move Mail Messages to Folders in Hyperspeed Using MsgFiler

If you’re like me, you organize your Mac Mail into folders (aka Mailboxes). I like to keep my Inbox as close to empty as possible — that means, when I get new messages I move them out of the Inbox and to their appropriate folder immediately. Since I have 5 IMAP e-mail accounts all with […]

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