Use Scale Calibration Weights to Ease Start-up Commands

Here’s a quick tip for other Mac repair technicians: use a 50 gram scale calibration weight to hold down keyboard buttons (like option, or shift). They fit perfectly on all Mac keyboards and only cost $5 with shipping. You can find one of these weights on Amazon.com.

Safari: Open .torrent Files Automatically After Downloading

I’m all about efficiency — especially when it comes to downloading my torrents. I’ve been gradually getting more and more annoyed that every time I download a .torrent file, I have to double click it (in the Downloads window) to have it open in Transmission. Solution: Download this zip file which contains a revised version […]

Trick to Easily Rotate Address Book Photos

Since I just bought Cyntact for my iPhone, I’ve been moving my photos from iPhoto’s “Faces” into Address Book. Unfortunately, there is no easy (free) way to do this automatically, but I did stumble upon a neat trick when adding pictures to your Address Book contacts: Option clicking the picture allow you to rotate it! […]

Use Text-To-Speech (“Start Speaking Text”) in Firefox

A few days ago I made my yearly move from Safari to Firefox. It starts up quicker for me than Safari and web pages load 2-3x faster. However, I was stumped today when I wanted my Mac to read me a Flash 101 tutorial. I went to Firefox -> Services -> Speech, but “Start Speaking […]

Use Your MacBook’s Magnets To Organize Your Desk

Did you know that your MacBook display is more than just a display? It’s also a paper organizer, key holder, paper clip holder, business card holder; the possibilities are endless (okay, not really, but you can be magnetically creative). My MacBook display being used to hold business cards, keys, a lighter, and a receipt, along […]

Browse Files Using the Arrow Keys in Quick Look’s Full Screen Mode

A new hint was posted today on Mac OS X Hints explaining how to re-gain use of the arrow keys in Quick Look’s full screen mode. The solution worked but I thought that there had to be a better, quicker, easier way. So, I started trying various other keys when in Quick Look full screen […]

Use Airport’s “Create Network” to Access iPhone When no Wifi Available

Have you ever needed to connect to your iPhone when you don’t have a wireless network available? Probably not, but I had to a few weeks ago, here’s why: While on vacation I took a video using Cycorder on my iPhone. I needed to move the video to my MacBook to edit and upload it […]

Manually Stop Spotlight From Indexing External Drives

Although I (kinda) like Spotlight for searching my internal drive, I almost never want Spotlight indexing external drives I connect to my computer. Since I often work with bad and dying hard drives, the last thing I want my computer to do upon seeing a new drive is to index the whole thing. Luckily, there […]

Change Default “New Finder Window” Folder. Easy.

Just about every time I open Finder on my Mini, I end up navigating to the same folder on my external “Video” drive. It’s the folder with all my newest Torrent downloads from uTorrent. Today I realized that there has got to be a more efficient way — a way to have Finder automatically open […]

Create Bookmark Folder While Creating New Bookmark in Safari

In Safari, when you create a new bookmark by pressing Command+D or by clicking the “+” icon in the toolbar you see this pop-up window: As a highly organized bookmarker, not having the option to make a new bookmark folder from this pop-up is a big pain. As you can see, I’m bookmarking a motorcycle […]

Take advantage of push email servers in Mail.app @ macosxhints.com

Here’s an excerpt from a macosxhints.com hint about optimizing Leopard Mail for accounts that support “push” (like me.com and gmail): …this is a great way to keep your mailboxes up-to-the-second current without having Mail.app hog the bandwidth, checking every minute or five minutes. If your server supports IDLE (Gmail, .Mac/MobileMe, and most university servers do), […]

Once Again, A New iPhone GSM Speaker Interference Solution

In the past, I’ve tried both aluminum foil and cigarette foil paper to block the iPhone’s GSM/Data interference from entering my car speakers (also notorious with computer speakers). Both worked okay, blocking most, but not all, of the speaker noise (I’d say about 80% was blocked). Recently, I found a solution that blocks 99% of […]

Guy Kawasaki’s Guide to Better iPhone Battery Life

Learn some tips to increase battery life on your iPhone at http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2008/08/the-art-of-ipho.html. Nothing super secretive here, but great knowledge for new iPhone users. The only thing I’d add to his guide is using BossPrefs (for jailbroken iPhones) to quickly enable and disable things like Edge, Wifi, and Bluetooth, rather than navigating through the menus. I […]

New Leopard “Sleep Display” Shortcut

As you probably know, I’m all about shortcuts and using the keyboard instead of the mouse to improve efficiency and productivity. Well, there’s a new shortcut in Leopard just for sleeping the display (I did have a hot corner setup, but this is faster and easier): Shift+Control+Eject

Make a MobileMe Status Dashboard Widget

During the MobileMe mail outage today, I thought of a convenient way to check MobileMe’s status using Safari’s new Web Clip Widget: (notice the error above: mobileme mail is down and it still says all services are okay… see apple’s correction on the next page) Keep reading for the 3 easy steps to make your […]

Automatically Resume File Transfers After Closing LCD Display

I think this may be a new Leopard (10.5) feature, but perhaps I just never noticed it: if you close your LCD display (sleep your computer) during a file transfer, the transfer will resume after the machine is woken up. For example, say you’re transferring a 5GB file from your Macbook to your Mac Pro […]

You Can Close Notebook LCD Display When in Firewire Target Disk Mode

About a week ago, I was working on a MacBook Pro with a dying hard drive. I was able to access the drive via Firewire Target Disk in order to repair the drive using Disk Warrior. The whole process was expected to take at least five hours. While in the past I’d always just left […]

Migrate Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks from iPhone to Mac

I just stumbled upon a method for moving contacts (Address Book), calendar events (iCal), and bookmarks (Safari) from your iPhone to Mac. This will be useful if your hard drive died, computer was stolen or lost, or if you’re moving from a PC to a Mac (i.e. your iPhone was previous synced with a PC […]

iPhone: Faster Method for Moving Icons Across Multiple Screens

Sick of only being able to move iPhone icons one screen at a time? Wish you could move an icon from the first page to the last page of your iPhone without having to stop on every page? This may be common knowledge, may not be — personally, I was very excited when I discovered […]

Super Easy & Quick Text Overlay on Video Using Quicktime

At first glance, Quicktime seems very basic. But I’m continually amazed at what neat little tricks it keeps tucked away. I just stumbled upon one such trick today when I was looking for an easy way to overlay text on a video (see previous post). The overlay isn’t fancy, and I can’t find any way […]

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