Simple Ways to Avoid Having an Intel 320 Series Bricked Drive

The gen 3 solid state drives of Intel have become quite famous for their reliability issues because of the Intel 8MB bug that was widely talked about by SSD users all over the internet. It was a glitch that bricked the drive making its size be displayed as only 8MB and all of its contents […]

Troubleshooting an Intel 320 Series Dead Drive

If you think your solid state drive has now been reduced to an Intel 320 Series Dead Drive there are still a few things you can do. You must troubleshoot to determine without a doubt that your SSD is indeed dead. It will be a waste to throw away a drive without making sure you […]

Worst of the Intel 320 Series Common Problems

Affordable Intel 320 Series Data Recovery by $300 Data Recovery from $300 Data Recovery on Vimeo.   Intel’s generation 3 SSDs may be one of the most popular in the market but in no way does this mean they don’t have their fair share of issues. There are various Intel 320 Series Common Problems you […]

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