Worst of the Intel 320 Series Common Problems

Affordable Intel 320 Series Data Recovery by $300 Data Recovery from $300 Data Recovery on Vimeo.   Intel’s generation 3 SSDs may be one of the most popular in the market but in no way does this mean they don’t have their fair share of issues. There are various Intel 320 Series Common Problems you […]

Restoring 320 Series SSD Affected by the Intel 8MB Bug

Damage after a sudden power loss has always been the weakness of solid state drives. The 320 series SSDs, however, got the short end of the stick due to the Intel 8MB Bug that bricks the drive and makes it unbootable. It occurs when a power outage or improper shutdown causes the drive to keep […]

Intel 320 Series Data Recovery by $300 Data Recovery

  The Intel 320 SSD series was launched back in March of 2011. 320 is the third generation of the company’s mainstream SSDs said to be superior in every way to its predecessors. SSDs of the 320 series use 24nm flash memory chips that enable blazing fast data processing. Merely a few weeks later, however, […]

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