Here’s A DIY Way To Amplify Your iPhone Speakers At No Cost

Here’s A DIY Way To Amplify Your iPhone Speakers At No Cost http://www.businessinsider.com/diy-iphone-speakers-pinterest-goradio-apple-itunes-2012-4

1Password 3.6.5 for iOS is out with PBKDF2 goodness!

1Password 3.6.5 for iOS is out with PBKDF2 goodness! http://blog.agilebits.com/2012/04/09/1password-ios-pbkdf2-goodness/

The best way to unlock your AT&T iPhone may be through Tim Cook’s office

The best way to unlock your AT&T iPhone may be through Tim Cook’s office http://9to5mac.com/2012/04/03/the-best-way-to-unlock-your-att-iphone-may-be-through-tim-cooks-office/ — Data recovery doesn’t have to be expensive! Affordable Hard Drive Recovery & Mac Broken Screen Repair Service

How Apple and Google help police bypass iPhone, Android lock screens

How Apple and Google help police bypass iPhone, Android lock screens http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-57408370-281/how-apple-and-google-help-police-bypass-iphone-android-lock-screens/ via: Affordable Hard Drive Recovery & Apple Broken Display Service

Apple Inc. is 36 Years Old Today

Apple Inc. is 36 Years Old Today http://www.ifans.com/blog/44243/ Affordable Data RecoveryMac Broken Display Repair

Opinion: Why does everyone pick on Apple products?

Opinion: Why does everyone pick on Apple products? http://www.digitaltrends.com/apple/opinion-why-does-everyone-pick-on-apple-products/ Affordable Data Recovery

How to “View Source” from Safari on an iPad or iPhone

http://osxdaily.com/2012/03/30/view-source-safari-ipad-iphone/ Affordable Data Recovery

“Unblock” Blocked Called ID On Your iPhone For Free

There a new free service in town from the gang that brought us Spoofcard, it’s called Trapcall. Trapcall comes in three flavors; Fly Trap (two features), Mouse Trap (more features), Bear Trap (all eight features). The most basic plan, Fly Trap, unblocks restricted phone numbers and provides a blacklist for unwanted callers — for free. […]

Use Airport’s “Create Network” to Access iPhone When no Wifi Available

Have you ever needed to connect to your iPhone when you don’t have a wireless network available? Probably not, but I had to a few weeks ago, here’s why: While on vacation I took a video using Cycorder on my iPhone. I needed to move the video to my MacBook to edit and upload it […]

Corewerkz is Now 100% iPhone Compatible!

Thanks to the WPtouch iPhone Theme, visiting corewerkz.com on your iPhone now looks better than ever (and loads faster!):

Control Your iPhone From Your Mac (ATTACH KEYBOARD TO IPHONE!)

If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone (which, btw, is now possible with firmware 2.2) you can easily control it from your Mac (or PC). Check it out: What does this mean? How do you do it?

iPhone Bug: Easily Bypass “Passcode Lock” Screen + Temporary Fix

MacDailyNews reported today that the iPhone Passcode Lock screen on the iPhone can be easily bypassed, allowing access to your Contacts, E-mail, Texts, etc. The problem is only introduced if you have the Home Button Double-Click setting set to Favorites (Settings > General > Home Button). So if you use the Passcode Lock (below, left) […]

Once Again, A New iPhone GSM Speaker Interference Solution

In the past, I’ve tried both aluminum foil and cigarette foil paper to block the iPhone’s GSM/Data interference from entering my car speakers (also notorious with computer speakers). Both worked okay, blocking most, but not all, of the speaker noise (I’d say about 80% was blocked). Recently, I found a solution that blocks 99% of […]

Guy Kawasaki’s Guide to Better iPhone Battery Life

Learn some tips to increase battery life on your iPhone at http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2008/08/the-art-of-ipho.html. Nothing super secretive here, but great knowledge for new iPhone users. The only thing I’d add to his guide is using BossPrefs (for jailbroken iPhones) to quickly enable and disable things like Edge, Wifi, and Bluetooth, rather than navigating through the menus. I […]

Migrate Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks from iPhone to Mac

I just stumbled upon a method for moving contacts (Address Book), calendar events (iCal), and bookmarks (Safari) from your iPhone to Mac. This will be useful if your hard drive died, computer was stolen or lost, or if you’re moving from a PC to a Mac (i.e. your iPhone was previous synced with a PC […]

Fresh Apps #6 :: The Freshest Mac OS X & iPhone Applications

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the most interesting applications I’ve recently discovered Mac Applications • Jott (free) Call 866-JOTT-123, speak a message to yourself or friend; message is converted into text and e-mailed, texted, set as a reminder with alarm, or added to a list, and updated on your Jott site including original […]

iPhone: Faster Method for Moving Icons Across Multiple Screens

Sick of only being able to move iPhone icons one screen at a time? Wish you could move an icon from the first page to the last page of your iPhone without having to stop on every page? This may be common knowledge, may not be — personally, I was very excited when I discovered […]

New & Improved: iPhone Speaker Noise SOLUTION

Long time readers may remember my second post on corewerkz: How to prevent iPhone audio interference in speakers. Basically, I used aluminum foil to block the GSM cell-phone signals from getting into my car speakers (or computer speakers). Although this solution kept the noise out of the speakers, and didn’t seem to effect cell signal, […]

Word of Caution: Customize 2.0b9 broke my iPhone

Update: I think the new firmware from pwnage was also causing problems… now i’m restoring again and going back to the ziphone jailbreak, which was very stable before customize 2 (below). A word of caution to anyone else out there with the hacked iPhone: Don’t disable SMBprefs from within Customize 2.0b9 (the newest version right […]

iPhone Page 2: More Applications – An In-Depth Look at My Jailbroken / Hacked iPhone

Page 2 on my iPhone is devoted to less frequently used applications. I typically use these applications less then the ones on the first page, but they are still crucial, see why…

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