Use Airport’s “Create Network” to Access iPhone When no Wifi Available

Have you ever needed to connect to your iPhone when you don’t have a wireless network available? Probably not, but I had to a few weeks ago, here’s why: While on vacation I took a video using Cycorder on my iPhone. I needed to move the video to my MacBook to edit and upload it […]

Control Your iPhone From Your Mac (ATTACH KEYBOARD TO IPHONE!)

If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone (which, btw, is now possible with firmware 2.2) you can easily control it from your Mac (or PC). Check it out: What does this mean? How do you do it?

Make your Internet connection FASTER and more RELIABLE in 20 SECONDS!

OpenDNS just saved the day once again: I had two computers on the same network. One was able to browse the Internet, the other wasn’t. They both had good IP addresses from the router and they could both see each other over the local network. What’s the problem?? BAD DNS! Changing to OpenDNS nameservers instantly […]

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