Proper Method of Wrapping Apple AC Power Adapter Cables

All Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Powerbook, and iBook users should be aware of Apple’s cable wrapping “trick.” This may be common knowledge for 90% of all Mac users, but the other 10% will be shocked at the brilliant design by Apple that they never noticed:

Newbie Tip: The Black Dot Means Save

Next time you’re working with a document that can be saved (i.e. e-mail, word document, photoshop image), take a look in the upper left hand corner of the window. As usual, you’ll see these red, yellow, and green buttons: You probably already know that red closes, yellow minimizes, and green resizes – or zooms or […]

Avoid Using Terminal with These Free iPhone & Mac Applications

iPhone Terminal Alternatives MobileFinder (also on installer.app) – Browse your iPhone’s file system, change file permissions from within the iPhone, move/delete files and folders, even send files via-e-mail AFPd (also on installer.app) – Connect to your iPhone via Finder just like any other networked computer Mac Terminal Alternatives iRepair – Easily change unix file permissions […]

A few important Mac text-related shortcuts

When working with text, there are a few crucial shortcuts to know. You should already know these • Command + A : Select All • Command + C : Copy • Command + V : Paste You may not know these • Option + Arrow – Left : Jump to beginning of previous word • […]

What to do when an Application freezes in Mac OS X

Many of my clients tell me that when a program freezes they hold down the power button and shut down their computer. Even worse, one client told me she pulls the power cable out of the back of her computer (btw, NEVER DO THIS!). If you don’t know what to do when an application freezes, […]

Torrents: A Complete Mac Tutorial (featuring Transmission)

2/23/08 – NEW UPDATED TORRENT TUTORIAL IS LOCATED HERE. Want to download free music albums, DVDs, and computer software on your Mac? Already using something like Limewire with ads/nags, slow download speeds, and lots of fake files? Torrents are the solution you’ve been waiting for! The problem is many people are quickly confused when confronting […]

Newbie Tip: Crucial shortcuts you NEED to use

There are a few shortcuts every mac user needs to remember. They will make your mac experience much smoother and your workflow more efficient. The main reason to use shortcuts is so you can spend more time with your hands on the keyboard instead of the mouse or trackpad. Forgoing the mouse or trackpad completely […]

Newbie Tip: Installing an application (i.e. Firefox) from a disk image

One of the most common Mac newbie mistakes is running an application from within a disk image. For some reason, this is most often the case with Firefox. You can think of a disk image like a box used to physically deliver your application; you need to receive the box (download), open the box (double-click […]

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