Google Places Has Lost Thousands of User’s Reviews

This isn’t the first time, but it’s the longest period of missing user review’s yet. At least a few dozen people have been caught up in this mess and at least 2000 reviews have gone missing. On Oct 25th, a Google employee posted this (and this) on the Google Places forum: “We suffered a temporary […]

Haha! Latest Microsoft TV Ads Were Created on Macs

Title pretty much says it all, but get the full scoop over at roughlydrafted.com.

A Ridiculous All-Mac Music Video; Amazingly Ridiculous

I’ve always posted original material on corewerkz, but this one is special. This music video (“Again & Again” by The Bird and the Bee) was made entirely on a Mac, but probably not the way you think. You gotta check this out (thanks CrunchGear):

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