Corewerkz.com is now a place for Data Recovery, along with Mac Repair…

Corewerkz.com started out as a Mac blog; sharing tricks, tips, and interesting Mac news. But over the years, data recovery has become a much bigger part of our daily lives. With the new $300 Data Recovery retail store front, and loads of bad hard drives coming in every week, we decided to widen the focus of this blog.

This new version of Corewerkz.com will be dedicated to Data Recovery, Mac, and Tech news, tips, and tricks. We’ll also be giving periodic customer updates on current data recovery tickets. Not only with this help inform our clients, but it will give potential clients an idea of how we work and what we can do. Find out more here.

There will be many more postings, but less wordy, less typing, more linking to other sites. The information is already out there, why not point to it instead of clutter up the internet? We will of course have plenty of custom content as well, so check back often 🙂

Thanks for reading!
$300 Data Recovery

Corewerkz - Data Recovery, Mac, Tech News, Tips, and Tricks

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