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File retrieval services are usually very expensive ranging from $600 to $2500. This can be very discouraging because the consumer ends up making a choice between to options that are both very painful. On one hand, you need to accept the fact that you won’t be reuniting with your lost files anymore. On the other hand, you need to part with possibly thousands of dollars to get your files back. Making things worse is the fact that most companies require a fee of around $100 before they even check your hard drive and if the drive ends up too damaged that your files can no longer be recovered, you won’t get your $100 upfront payment back. Hence, that’s a hundred bucks down the drain and you got nothing for it.

The No-Lose Service Provider


The revolutionary 300 Dollar Data Recovery seeks to change everything into a no-lose situation for the consumer. It charges only a fixed amount of $300 when retrieval is successful regardless of how large or how many your files are. Even when a clean room is needed for the restoration that price does not change. Consumers are also not required to make any upfront payments. Your hard drive will be diagnosed free of charge. If diagnosis reveals there is a possibility of recovery, your files will be retrieved and you will need to pay only $300. If recovery is no longer possible, you won’t need to pay for anything.

Top of the morning to you! We're ready for another wonderful day of #DataRecovery if you're in the #LosAngeles or #StudioCity area make sure you stop by!

Top of the morning to you! We’re ready for another wonderful day of #DataRecovery if you’re in the #LosAngeles or #StudioCity area make sure you stop by!


Pay Only $300 or None at All


Choosing 300 Dollar Data Recovery is definitely the better choice as you will end up paying only $300 or $0 compared to others that bill $600 to $2500 along with a $100 down payment. The receptionist and other employees are also very knowledgeable. You can ask them about useful tips and tricks while you are waiting for the recovery to finish. If your hard drive is too heavily damaged but still has some workable parts, the company might even purchase it from you. Thus, you can receive around $10 for your already useless hard disk. If the queue is long and testing won’t be finished during the day, you can opt to go home and you will receive a detailed email regarding the test results. Through the email, you will be able to tell the chances of getting back each file.

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