Fresh Apps #6 :: The Freshest Mac OS X & iPhone Applications

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the most interesting applications I’ve recently discovered

Mac Applications

Jott (free)
Call 866-JOTT-123, speak a message to yourself or friend; message is converted into text and e-mailed, texted, set as a reminder with alarm, or added to a list, and updated on your Jott site including original audio — WOW!

Stumbi (shareware: $2)
Finally a StumbleUpon plug-in for Safari; rate pages, add new sites to StumbleUpon, and of course, Stumble!

Yasu (donationware)
“Yet Another System Utility” with just one screen containing the most crucial maintenance commands

Switch (free)
A free audio format converter; supports a bunch of file types

ScreenFlow (shareware; exported movie is watermarked: $100)
The best Mac screen recorder ever; includes editor with amazing features, at a price

iPhone Applications

IntelliScreen (free/beta)
Fill your “slide to unlock” screen with great info including latest news (choose any rss feed), new mail, sms, ical events, weather, and sports — super useful application — really smart and well thought out!!

PhoneZap (free)
Create ringtones from any mp3 on your phone; choose start time and duration (up to 30 sec), automatically added to ringtones list after creation

Spoofapp (free app, 5 free minutes, $10 for 60 minutes)
Change the number your calling from (on the recipient’s caller ID), disguise voice as male or female (both kinda sound like computers), record phone calls

TimeCapsule (shareware, one backup per app before buying)
Backup the data on many iphone applications; Address Book (which saved one of my clients who lost their Address Book on Mac), notes, preferences, sms, springboard preferences, weather, and many more

• RagingThunder (free)
Awesome car racing game; control car by moving iPhone; takes a while to get good, but really cool use of the accelerometer

Band (free/beta)
Music creation tool including dozens of sound sets; was cool but just froze my iphone while writing this

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