Fresh Apps : Screen Recycler, Miro, Inquisitor, Docker, SpringDial, Poof

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the top applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

March 2008, Week 3

Mac Applications

Miro :: Free & Open-Source
Stand alone application to search, watch, and download just about any video from the internet; including video podcasts, youtube, and google video.

Screen Recycler :: Shareware ($25)
Use spare networked computer monitors as additional “virtual” displays for your computer; integrates perfectly with Display system preferences to allow screen resolution adjustments, very low latency especially on ethernet connection, includes free VNC viewer.

Docker :: Donationware ($15 Suggested)
Quickly change all Dock related preferences; including changing icon sizes, toggling 2D/3D style dock, changing the “open application” indicator, changing position, toggling effects, and changing colors; Great for newbies.

Inquisitor :: Freeware
Enhances Safari’s google search field with auto-complete and website suggesting – didn’t think I’d like, but I love it! A must have if you use Safari.

iPhone Applications

SpringDial :: Freeware / installer.app
Native application which allows one-touch dialing from springboard (the home screen) to specific contacts; even displays picture of contact as icon.

Poof :: Freeware / installer.app
Native application to hide any icon from the springboard since Customize doesn’t do it with firmware 1.1.3.

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