Fresh Apps :: iPhone / Mac OS X :: March 2008, Week 4

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the top applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

March 2008, Week 4

Mac Applications

Amazon S3 with Jungle Disk :: Amazon (Pay Per Use)/Jungle Disk ($20)
Super cheap on-line storage + automatic scheduled backups

Mojo :: Free
Instantly share your iTunes library to anyone in the world (and listen to anyone else’s library AND download any of their songs)

Dock Dodger :: Free
Hide applications from the Dock and Alt-Tab application switcher (great for programs that just run in the background like iPhone Remote)

Sole Possession :: $15 (or $45 for unlocked FileMaker file)
A home/small business inventory tracker based on FileMaker; I contacted the author and bought the unlocked FileMaker database for $45 so I could customize to fit my business needs

BookIt :: Donationware ($12 requested)
Easily sync all your web browser bookmarks (i.e. Safari to Firefox), restore old bookmarks, replace bookmarks from one browser to another

SurveillanceSaver :: Free :: Read Corewerkz Review
Alpha stage screensaver with 400+ live video free from around the world

Tor :: Free :: Read Corewerkz Review
Browse the Internet completely anonymously with this stand-alone app and Firefox plug-in; great for hackers and paranoid people

iPhone Applications

PocketTouch :: Free (on installer.app)
Control your iPhone’s iPod with swipes instead of pressing buttons, great for using iPod when driving

NES :: Free (on installer.app)
NES emulator; took a while to fix the permissions (use MobileFinder on iphone) and find ROMS, but now all good

MacTracker :: Free Webapp
Although I almost exclusively use Native Apps on my iPhone, this MacTracker is great when I don’t have the real thing handy on my Powerbook.

Capture :: Free (on installer.app)
When active, creates floating “take screenshot” button over all other applications

Customize Fix for Firmware 1.1.3 :: Free (on installer.app)
Customize allows you to customize your iPhone with different images and sounds, it doesn’t work on 1.1.3 (or 1.1.4) without this fix. Add “http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml” to your installer.app

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