Google Places Has Lost Thousands of User’s Reviews

This isn’t the first time, but it’s the longest period of missing user review’s yet. At least a few dozen people have been caught up in this mess and at least 2000 reviews have gone missing. On Oct 25th, a Google employee posted this (and this) on the Google Places forum:

“We suffered a temporary indexing outage beginning of October that prevented us from correctly serving reviews for some listings. The reviews should now be restored. Very sorry for the trouble this has caused for some of you!”

However, the reviews have not been restored. There has been no mention of any updates or any progress towards fixing this problem on Google’s end while more and more people continue to reply with stories of their reviews missing (all occuring around Oct 20th).

Google, please help out us small business owners. Google Places is a fantastic business portal, especially for small businesses with customers willing to take the time to leave us positive feedback. But when the feedback disappears, it hurts business big time. Please let us know if/when this issue can/will be resolved.

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