iPhone Page 1 Update: iPhoneVideoRecorder: An In-Depth Look at My Jailbroken / Hacked iPhone

Well, it hasn’t even been a week since my first “In-Depth” iPhone post and I’ve already changed my page layouts a little. Most importantly, a new application on Page 1 has taken the place of ShowTime — iPhoneVideoRecorder (catchy name, right?).

New Page 1
(VideoRecorder replaced ShowTime)

ShowTime was the only video recorder for the iPhone. It records to a chunky .mov file and DOESN’T record sound. Enter: iPhoneVideoRecorder ($20 to remove 30 sec recording limit) by DreamCatcher.

Continue reading to watch videos taken with iPhoneVideoRecorder…

iPhoneVideoRecorder is the first video/audio recording application for the iPhone. It records an unlimited length including audio (plus, you can adjust input level), records to super small mpeg4 format (1 hour = 60MB!), 15 FPS, different video sizes & audio recording settings to choose from, and send your movies via e-mail to anyone!

IMG_0003.JPG IMG_0005.JPG IMG_0006.JPG

I just had a chance to test this app out at Coachella yesterday. What I learned:

– Occasionally the audio will cut out for 500 ms – 1 sec. I’m recording the highest quality audio (128kbps), so perhaps turning that down may fix the problem.

– 2 of the 10 videos I recorded were missing sound. I probably should have checked to make sure they worked before deleting them — as there is an option for “re-encoding” which may have fixed the problem.

– It’s much better to keep the camera still when recording instead of panning left or right (see Fan video below). If you must pan, you’ve got to go REALLY slow to keep things jitter-free.

Here are some videos so you can get an idea of the quality (these are the exact files taken from my iphone — no compression or anything adjusted). It’s certainly not great, but definitely better than nothing (plus it should load really fast because the file size is so small).

Note: the distorted audio is probably my fault because i forgot to turn down the volume amplifier, also the environment was really loud.

Daytime Panning (in shaded area):

Daytime Panning (moving too fast = jittery video)

Night Lightening Rods (less panning):

Daytime Indoor Fan (no panning):

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