Listen to FLAC Audio Files in iTunes Without Converting


While most online songs are in MP3 format, which is compressed and degrades audio quality, some are available in another format called FLAC. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. FLAC file sizes are much larger in exchange for superior sound quality (like a CD) — they also aren’t supported in iTunes.

I recently downloaded some FLAC audio tracks and started looking for the best way to get them into iTunes; enter Fluke.

Picture 19.jpg

Fluke is able to add FLAC files to iTunes without converting them. Just drag-and-drop your FLAC files on the Fluke dock icon and they are immediately imported into iTunes and ready to play. Fluke is just a script, no application or interface. It’s small, simple, and effective — it couldn’t be easier.

Bonus: Fluke is FREE (donations) & open source!

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