Move Mail Messages to Folders in Hyperspeed Using MsgFiler

Picture 3.pngIf you’re like me, you organize your Mac Mail into folders (aka Mailboxes). I like to keep my Inbox as close to empty as possible — that means, when I get new messages I move them out of the Inbox and to their appropriate folder immediately.

Since I have 5 IMAP e-mail accounts all with their own folder structures AND Mail folders stored locally on my computer, it can sometimes take a while to navigate to the folder I need. Once I find the correct folder, I have to physically click-and-drag the message from the Inbox to the appropriate organized folder. Although it’s not really all that bad — there’s a much better way…


MsgFiler is a Shareware ($8 **you may have to pay for major upgrades**) Mac Mail Plug-in (aka Bundle) that allows you to quickly move or copy messages to any Mail folder in less than a second.

MsgFiler installs automatically by moving itself to the Bundles directory in ~/Library/Mail. After installing, open Mail and you’ll now notice a new item at the bottom of the “Message” menu:

Picture 1.png

To make it have the Apple+9 shortcut, I went into System Preferences –> Keyboard & Mouse –> Keyboard Shortcuts –> Added a new Mail shortcut for “Move with MsgFiler” –> set trigger to Apple+9.

Now in Mail, once you select a message and press Apple+9, a little box appears:

Picture 2.png

You can immediately start typing the first few letters of the Mailbox you’d like to move the message into – you can also use the arrow keys to move up and down through the list. Once the correct Mailbox is selected, press enter (to move).

That’s it! Super easy! Super efficient! Super convenient! And definitely worth $8!

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