Mozy.com = $5/month UNLIMITED online backups

Picture 2.jpgI’ve just recently learned about Mozy, a $5/month unlimited off-site backup solution. Yesterday I purchased, downloaded, installed, and began backing up — all in about 5 minutes.

Although I have more than 1TB of data, and it will probably take more than 2 months to completely upload everything, I think this is a great backup solution. It’s really meant more for certain important files or folder, rather than EVERYTHING (what I’m doing), just like any other online (read: slow) backup solution.

Picture 2 1.jpg

Mozy is even cheaper than Amazon’s S3 with Jungledisk (in most cases) and SUPER easy to buy, setup, and schedule backups. It includes preset “Backup Sets” which make it easy to backup hard-to-find data; such as Mail accounts, Addressbook data, Bookmarks, etc. You can also access your data from any web browser, anywhere in the world, directly from Mozy’s web site.

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** 8/26/08 Update: I’ve canceled Mozy! Too slow, they’ve never updated the Mac software which is horrible, and the restore function is SUPER slow – if it ever works. Too bad, but I guess you get what you pay for.

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