NEW 5-STAR YELP REVIEW! “Wow…. what can I say… A client’s hard drive dies. They were not saving their data on the server. No backup. Bring the drive in. Firstly everyone was so helpful and understanding. They said it will take a few days to get back to me re what I could salvage. It was back in a day. I had major platter damage and they told me I could only get 82.3 % back. They explained the options. It took a few days to get the client to agree and they took only one day to restore the data after I gave them the go ahead. And best of all … it only cost $300. I have been doing this for 25 years and I would say it was 1/5 to1/10 the cost I normally pay. How much more can you ask for… professional and great customer service and the best price in town.” https://buff.ly/2Waohsj

via instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxiRisfnKGO/.

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