NEW FACEBOOK REVIEW! “Amazingly fast! I was told the hard drive was dead. Geek Squad gave up on it but I needed my personal files as I had not backed them up. So I shipped everything off on Friday from Virginia.They began working on it Monday and by the following Saturday I had everything back in my hot little hands. I was SHOCKED how quickly they worked and how fast everything was to come back to me. They kept me informed almost every minute of the day what was happening and what to expect. I can’t recommend them more. I even got a recommendation for a company to back up my files on an ongoing basis. At anytime I am complete with my day, I hit the backup button and its all backed up. Thank you $300 Data Recovery! You rock!” https://buff.ly/2EOvkgz

via instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByQUgrIluRS/.

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