New & Improved: iPhone Speaker Noise SOLUTION

Long time readers may remember my second post on corewerkz: How to prevent iPhone audio interference in speakers. Basically, I used aluminum foil to block the GSM cell-phone signals from getting into my car speakers (or computer speakers).

Although this solution kept the noise out of the speakers, and didn’t seem to effect cell signal, it did have an impact on bluetooth reception. I was getting lots of static when the iPhone was more than about 12″ from my bluetooth headset (both Plantronics and Jawbone). Needless to say, using bluetooth on a daily basis became a hassle.

I have found a new and improved technique that will keep bluetooth static to a minimum and the noise out of your speakers; instead of aluminum foil, use the foil-paper that you find in a pack of cigarettes. For whatever reason, it seems to block the exact right amount of GSM and keep bluetooth interference to a minimum. In fact, it may even block the speaker interference better – I haven’t heard a peep since the foil-paper.

Take the foil out from a fresh pack of smokes (Fig. A),
or find an empty box and remove the inner lining (Fig. B):

Fig. A:

Fig. B:

Here’s what you’ll get:

The size of the foil-paper is almost perfect, but you’ll probably want to cut/tear a bit off the sides so it fits better. Using the old aluminum foil method, affix the single piece of foil-paper to the area indicated below:

foil on back.jpg

tape on back 2.jpg

This is especially nice if you have an iPhone case (like an Otterbox), so you don’t actually need to tape the foil to your phone. Here’s the foil-paper tucked into the front cover of the Otterbox (back cover off) — this size/placement works perfectly for me:


No more speaker interference and no more (or at least much less) bluetooth interference!

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