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Having lost files that you have tried to recover on your own but have failed is like getting caught between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the reality that you might end up paying thousands of dollars while the hard place is the possibility of not getting your files back. In the worst case scenario, you might even end up shelling out around a hundred bucks and still not get your files back. This can become a really big dilemma especially for people who are already tight on their spending.


$300 Data Recovery has Revolutionised Data Recovery


$300 Data Recovery intends to change the way the file retrieval business is done and make it more consumer friendly to promote peace of mind to customers through the following ways:

  • Removal of the diagnostic charge
  • A fixed rate for successful recoveries
  • Provision of a list of the status of each file before recovery is initiated


$300 dollar data recovery


The company is the first to offer free checking of hard drives. Customers can have their disk diagnosed without paying an upfront fee or down payment. If it is later determined that recovery of the files is not possible anymore probably due to the damage being too severe, the customer can leave without making any payment. A simple “thank you” is all the staff asks. If your drive still has some useful parts the company might even take it off your hands and pay you around $10 dollars depending on the size and remaining usable parts of the drive. This way, you at least get something from your visit.

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$300 Data Recovery Successfully Recovered 100% Data from Seagate Drive With Firmware Problems from $300 Data Recovery on Vimeo.


Fixed – Rate Data Recovery Services

It’s the test results reveal that all or at least most of the files can be restored, you will only be charged for $300 which is less than half the lowest rate of other service providers. The fee remains 300 bucks even if the use of a portable clean room is required to diagnose and repair your drive so do not worry. In no means will you be required to pay more than the fixed rate.

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