Ticket #538 – Fujitsu MHT2040AH 2.5″ IDE ATA Hard Drive

Ticket #538 – Fujitsu MHT2040AH 2.5″ IDE ATA Hard Drive

Drive successfully recovered same day it was dropped off!

Drive arrived in “completely dead” condition. No noise, no spinning, nothing. We carefully removed and tested the hard drive’s PCB (circuit board). We discovered a bad fuse on the PCB and removed it.

Using an identical donor PCB, we moved a good fuse to the patient’s PCB. After checking the new fuse, we connected the drive to a DeepSpar Disk Imager and cloned 100% of the drive.

No further software scanning was necessary, as the clone we made mounted on a PC without issue (which means the partition was not damaged).  We backed up the data to one of our drives then to a new 500gb transfer drive for our customer.

All done and ready for pickup!

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