Tips for the Otterbox iPhone Defender Series Case & Belt clip

The Otterbox for iPhone Defender Series is IMHO the best iphone case around. If you haven’t heard about it, you can find info at otterbox.com. I want to share a few things I’ve learned over the past month of intense Otterbox usage which make my Otterbox experience even more pleasant.

One major complaint about the Otterbox is the belt clip – once you get the phone in the clip, it’s tough to take it out. I used to think that I needed both hands to “rock” the phone out of the clip (video below).

However, it’s possible to remove the phone easily with ONE hand!

With the iphone in the belt clip, squeeze the sides of the iphone with your index and ring fingers. Put your thumb on the top of the belt clip (the part that opens and closes over your belt) and push down. It’s that easy.

The belt clip is even more useful then Otterbox lets on about – it doubles for a vertical or horizontal video stand.




Customer service is also outstanding! When I first received my Otterbox there was a little sticky residue on the screen. I immediately tried wiping it off with my shirt, bad idea – it created a small scratch on the screen. It was barely visible, but noticeable to me. I called Otterbox customer support and was immediately greeted by a real person. I explained my situation and within 3 minutes had a new Otterbox on the way!

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