Troubleshooting an Intel 320 Series Dead Drive

Intel 320 Series Dead Drive

If you think your solid state drive has now been reduced to an Intel 320 Series Dead Drive there are still a few things you can do. You must troubleshoot to determine without a doubt that your SSD is indeed dead. It will be a waste to throw away a drive without making sure you cannot find any use for it anymore. If a drive is not yet dead but it looks like it will kick the bucket anytime soon, keep in mind that some troubleshooting methods may cause further damage or lead to data overwrite which may make some of your files unrecoverable. You might consider bypassing the troubleshooting phase and going directly to an expert like 300 Dollar Data Recovery. This company offers a fixed rate of just $300 dollars for every successful recovery. It does not charge anything to check a drive. If recovery is possible, it will send you a list of the recoverable files so you can make an informed decision whether you will proceed with the data recovery or not. If you choose to proceed with the troubleshooting, do so at your own risk.

Run a Diagnostic Test

Intel has free diagnostic tools for evaluation the current health of its solid state drives. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, just go to Intel’s support page so you can download the most recent version. After downloading and installing the diagnostic tool, run it and check your SSD. If even the official tool cannot detect it, it is really dead. If it is still getting detected by the tool, you might still transfer your files before its life gets totally snuffed out.

Scan Your Computer for Malware

You might be having a hard time detecting your SSD just because your system is infected by a very serious adware or spyware. Run a quick scan and then a full scan of your entire system and quarantine or delete any PUP you may find. Just make sure the antivirus or antimalware program you will be using is up-to-date.

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Check All Physical Connections

Sometimes the problem is not even a Intel 320 Series Dead Drive but just a dead cable. Check all cables connected to the SSD and see if they are all working properly.

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