Use Applescript & Quicksilver to Rate iTunes Songs From Any Application

I’ve recently become obsessed with rating songs on my iPhone. I have too many bad songs and need to weed them out. But, when listening to music throughout the day it’s a pain to stop what I’m doing, switch to iTunes, rate the track, then go back to what I was doing. So, I made an Applescript, six actually, to get this done for me.

1) Download a .zip file of the applescripts here.

2) Move the enclosed .scpt files to a folder of your choosing.

3) Using Quicksilver, setup the following “Rate as” Triggers (not the “eject” one, obviously):

Picture 6.png

Now, from any application, use the Control+Option+# to rate the track you’re currently listing to. The applescript with switch to iTunes, rate the track, then switch back to the application you were in. If you rate the track 1 star, then iTunes will give it 1 star, fade out, and skip to the next track.

Comments or suggestions for improvement are welcome!

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