Use Airport’s “Create Network” to Access iPhone When no Wifi Available

Have you ever needed to connect to your iPhone when you don’t have a wireless network available?

Probably not, but I had to a few weeks ago, here’s why:

While on vacation I took a video using Cycorder on my iPhone. I needed to move the video to my MacBook to edit and upload it to the web. Unfortunately, the only way to get a video off the iPhone (that was taken with Cycorder) is to wirelessly connect to the iPhone and copy the video (I avoid the Terminal and just use Transmit to connect via ssh).

The problem was that even though I paid $15 for internet access at my hotel, it would only work for one device at a time (either the iPhone or the MacBook). Rather than spending another $15 to connect my MacBook and iPhone to the same network so I could copy the video, I set out to find a better (read: free) solution.

The easy 3-step solution I discovered was right under my nose:

1) Click the Airport icon and select “Create Network.”

Picture 2.jpg

2) Give the network a name, channel (or leave on automatic), and password (if desired).

Picture 3.jpg

The Airport icon will change to the computer-to-computer network icon and you will see that you are now connected to your computer’s network.

Picture 4.jpg

3) On iPhone, join the newly created network. That’s it!

Now I can connect to my iPhone’s IP address using Transmit and move the video to my MacBook.

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