Use Your MacBook’s Magnets To Organize Your Desk

Did you know that your MacBook display is more than just a display? It’s also a paper organizer, key holder, paper clip holder, business card holder; the possibilities are endless (okay, not really, but you can be magnetically creative).

magnetic macbook.jpg

My MacBook display being used to hold business cards, keys, a lighter, and a receipt, along with a paper clip holding a bag of screws.

Keep reading for the details…The hint here is that you can use your MacBook’s built in magnets to hold and organize stuff. Here are the three magnet locations:

macbook magnet locations.jpg

I’m surprised I haven’t seen an official magnetic paper holder made just for the MacBook’s display – for transcribing notes, holding important documents, even for holding a musician’s sheet music.

The product I’m thinking of would hang off the side just like the PCI slot cover above, but be longer and obviously a bit prettier (with a built in clip to hold papers).

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

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