Worst of the Intel 320 Series Common Problems

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Intel’s generation 3 SSDs may be one of the most popular in the market but in no way does this mean they don’t have their fair share of issues. There are various Intel 320 Series Common Problems you may encounter. Most of them are quite easy to remedy except for the dreaded Intel 8MB bug.

The Bane of SSDs

Sudden power outage has always been the Achilles heel of solid state drives and the Intel 320 series is no exemption. In fact, Intel’s 3rd gen SSDs even have it worse than others. But first, let us talk about the two ways of how an SSD can experience power failure.

intel 320 series common problems

1. Power Interruption

This occurs when for some reason, the power supply in your area is cut and you are not using an Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS. If you live in a second or third world country where short power interruptions can occur anytime, you are highly advised to get a UPS.

2. Improper Shutdown

This happens when you are forced to cut off the power to your computer. The usual reason for this is when your computer gets frozen and the only thing you can do is reset it by unplugging it or turning your Automatic Voltage Regulator or AVR off.

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The Intel 320 Firmware Bug

It is will be very obvious if your SSD gets the bug. Regardless what the size of your drive is, it will be reported as only 8MB. Your computer will also notify you that your drive has an invalid partition table. The reason for the bug was explained by Intel as follows, “After a power outage, the SSD may try to reconnect to the SATA port instead of initiating a proper shutdown.” Several firmware updates later, the bug still remains.

Your Last Resort

The Intel 8MB bug is the worst and also the most popular among the Intel 320 Series Common Problems. It is devastating in the sense that it wipes all the data in the drive. The bug first appeared in 2011 shortly after the series was launched by it took until early 2012 before a few file retrieval companies were able to make successful file restoration. Until today, only a handful of companies can provide a high probability of success in dealing with the firmware bug. Of all these companies, Brian Cometa’s 300 Dollar Data Recovery offers the lowest price. The company will check your SSD for free and you will be charged with only a fixed rate of 300 bucks for a successful recovery.

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