Affordable, long-term, redundant data backup plans for your recovered files.

After your data has been recovered, you need to take steps to keep it safe. You should back up your data to at least one other hard drive (and two or more is ideal, with at least one “off-site”). Keep in mind: even a brand new drive can fail unexpectedly and without warning.  

We can backup your data off-site, on one of our encrypted RAID-5 storage arrays.

It’s safe and easy… sign-up for 1 week or longer: 

Data Backup Plans
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Your data's safety - data backup plans

After signing up, we’ll immediately start to move your data to our backup RAID array and send an e-mail confirmation once completed, so you know your data is safe.

Note: we do not offer the option to “download” retained files. If you need files from our backup of your data, you must mail us a hard drive or buy one from us, and we’ll move all the retained data for no extra charge.

Looking for another option? Consider BackBlaze cloud backup. It’s only $5/month for unlimited backups. We use it here and it works perfectly for us. 

Please e-mail us if you have any questions.

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