SD/MicroSD/Monolith Recovery

If your SD card, MicroSD, Monolith device, or CF/CFast card has failed, typically the only option is a “chip-off” (monolith) recovery. Though, in some cases, we can access the bad device using special reading modes to recover your data without removing the chip(s).

If your these special reading methods fail, the only remaining option is a “Monolith” recovery (see photos below). A “monolith” recovery is basically the same as a “chip-off” recovery, except that all “chips” are embedded within one device.

Chip-off Data Recovery Rates

We charge $300 per flash chip if we recover 99% or more data. We also charge a $100 attempt fee per chip if the recovery is not successful or you do not want the data we were able to recover (if less than 99% was recovered). If more than 99% was recovered, there is no option to decline our recovery.

  • Most SD cards contain one or two flash memory/data chips.
  • Most CF/CFast cards contain 2-4 flash memory/data chips).

Why do we charge an attempt fee for chip-off recoveries?

A chip-off recovery involves physically removing the flash chip(s) from the PCB, “dumping” or “reading” the contents into a flash recovery program, then virtually reconstructing the controller to access the data on from the flash chips. This turns out to be much more difficult and time-consuming than recovering a normal hard drive (or an SSD with “firmware corruption”), and unfortunately, has a lower success rate (about 60-65% chance for a successful recovery).

Monolith Data Recovery Rates

We charge $300 for all Monolith devices (like MicroSDs and some USB flash drives) if we recover 99% or more data. If less than 99% was recovered, and you don’t want the data we recovered, there is a $100 labor fee. If the recovery is not successful, there is no charge. 

We use the best-in-class tools for Monolith and Chip-off data recovery

This includes Ace Laboratory’s PC3000-Flash, Rusolut’s VNR, and Flash Extractor. We also have many Multi-com adapters for MicroSD cards which enable us to recover data quicker than other companies who must manually solder in leads to interface with MicroSD cards. 

We can recover from SD/MicroSD/Monolith/CF/CFast devices with the following problems (and more):

  • Bricked drive
  • Dead drive
  • Firmware corruption
  • Partition corruption
  • Logical failure
  • Failed or corrupt controller
  • Drive has wrong model number or capacity in BIOS

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