Our data recovery tools are the same (or better) than those used by the largest and most expensive data recovery companies!

Our hardware-based data recovery tools are much more complex than consumer level software applications like SpinRite, Data Rescue, GetDataBack, R-Studio, Stellar Phoenix, Easeus, and OnTrack. 

Our cutting-edge tools work by communicating with the bare hard drive directly, without the need for an operating system (or BIOS) to act as the hard drive’s “interpreter.” This is just one of the major difference between software data recovery applications and the professional hardware data recovery tools we use. Another important difference is the years of research, studying, and real-world practice required to fully achieve their potential.

Our arsenal of hardware-based tools includes products from: Ace Laboratory, Deepspar Data Recovery Systems, Atola Technology, HDDSurgerySalvationDATA Technology, and YEC; the world leaders in professional data recovery hardware and tools.

We also use an ISO Class 5 clean room cabinet, from Sentry Air Systems, for hard drive diagnosis and repair when we need to remove the hard drive’s cover.

PC-3000 Express Data Recovery Tools

Our PC3000 “Express,” the latest version of the PC3000 released in 2014 – cloning four bad hard drives simultaneous to four good drives.

Ace Laboratory gives us the PC3000, the most sophisticated data recovery tool in existence! Mastering the PC3000 takes years of experience and education (and the tool itself comes at a very hefty cost). The PC3000 allows us to fix hard drive firmware problems, reconstruct damaged file systems, and disable weak or bad heads inside the hard drive, and image drives that cannot be imaged with any other tools.

Each hard drive manufacturer uses a different and unique language to speak with their hard drives. For this reason, it’s very difficult to master data recovery, and especially the PC3000 — it’s like learning to speak seven different languages. How well you “speak” the hard drive’s language determines your success. We’re fluent in all hard drive languages including Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Maxtor, and Samsung!

We use several PC3000s, including the latest PC3000 Express, which offers the fastest imaging speeds along with double the interfaces. We also use Ace Lab’s Data Extractor, an invaluable tool for imaging failing hard drives, rebuilding complex RAID systems, and recovering from certain SSD firmware failures. Data Extractor, along with the RAID and SSD capabilities, are add-on software tools that work directly with, and perfectly compliment, the PC3000.

deepspar data recovery tools

Deepspar Disk Imager – Hardware-based Data Recovery Tool

The Deepspar Disk Imager is known in the data recovery industry as being the best hard drive imager, period. It can recover data from dying drives with bad sectors more safely, quickly, and effectively than any other data recovery tool.

We have the network, USB, and ATA add-ons for the Deepspar. The network add-on allows us to access all of our DDIs from one central computer and also allows us to create file listings with each files recoverability status. This file listing can then be viewed and approve by our customer before finishing the recovery.

The USB add-on allows us to work directly with USB PCBs, even though we often still need to convert the USB PCB to a SATA PCB in order to fix firmware problems.

Finally, the ATA add-on gives us the option for a 2nd clone of the bad drive (for example, if our customer provided a SATA transfer drive and wants a clone, rather than “file” recovery. It also provides faster imaging speeds, so we use the ATA add-on Deepspars for our Priority Service customers.

atola data recovery tools

Atola Insight – Hardware-based Data Recovery Tool

Atola Technology‘s “Insight” is one of the newest professional data recovery tools. Although it’s about the same cost as a PC3000, with less firmware repair capabilities, it does a good job of imaging drives (similar to the Deepspar Disk Imager).

But one of the major reasons we ended up investing in the Atola Insight was to help increase our work-flow speed. This is due to the Insight’s quick and comprehensive diagnostic suite. We can get a good idea of the problem with the hard drive within a few minutes.

If the problem is not mechanical or firmware related, we can immediately start cloning on the Insight or a Deepspar Disk Imager. If the problem requires further repair, we’ll continue working with it on a PC3000.

SalvationDATA tools are most useful for their ability to work directly with each individual hard drive manufacturer(e.g., Seagate, Hitachi, Maxtor, etc) and fix problems inside the hard drive itself (e.g., corrupt firmware or ROM). Not as complex as the PC3000, but a useful set of tools to have. 

Like SalvationData’s Data Compass, YEC produces hardware (like our “Ninja”) for cloning hard drives with bad sectors.

We have over a dozen hardware disk imagers from various manufacturers along with the leading hard drive firmware diagnostic tool. We use an ISO Class 5 clean room cabinet for hard drive diagnosis and repair, along with hot air stations, soldering tools for PCB diagnosis and repair, and the highest quality head swap tools from HDDSurgery.

Without giving away all our secrets, rest assured, we go way beyond the capabilities of software-based data recovery tools, your computer repair technician’s toolkit, or dangerous internet “tricks,” to recover your data as safely, thoroughly, and quickly as possible. 

See our tools in action…

ABOVE: Part 1 of Brian Cometa’s interview with Carey Holzman (in this video we describe the tools we use and how we use them).

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