NAS Data Recovery (Network Attached Storage) 

In most cases, a “NAS data recovery” is actually just a “Linux RAID data recovery.” We are well-versed in Linux and experts at rebuilding RAIDs, so the odds are very good that we’ll be able to recover your failed NAS drive! nas data recovery / network attached storage

How do we recover NAS drives?

Our process for NAS data recovery is the same as our normal data recovery process but involves multiple drives and rebuilding the RAID structure manually (we do NOT use/need the original NAS enclosure):

  • Remove all drives from NAS enclosure
  • Diagnose/repair individual drives
  • Clone/image all drives
  • Manually reconstruct the NAS RAID array
  • Scan the rebuilt Linux partitions (typically EXT or XFS)
  • Move/recover the data to “Transfer Drive”

Using cutting-edge NAS and RAID Data Recovery tools, such as the PC-3000 RAID, we are able to recover from almost any failed NAS device. And, in most cases, we are able to recover data without removing the hard drive’s cover and potentially voiding the warranty. You can still RMA your NAS if it’s under warranty.

We work with all NAS manufacturers, including Synology, QNAP, Buffalo, Netgear, Seagate, Thecus, Western Digital, D-Link, Iomega, Drobo, and Lacie. 

How much will it cost? 

We charge the same for NAS data recovery as we do for all other data recoveries. This means, pre-determined affordable flat rates:

  • If your NAS contains drives 2TB and smaller, the cost will be $300 per drive in the NAS.
  • If your NAS contains drives larger than 2TB, the cost will be $400 per drive in the NAS. 
  • If your NAS contains drives larger than 8TB, the cost will be $500 per drive in the NAS. 

We highly recommend using our Instant Rate Calculator to confirm the total cost of your NAS data recovery.

Drobo NAS? See our Drobo RAID page for more information about the two recovery options we can provide. 

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