Unfortunately, Solid-State Drives die too 🙁 

This video explains why SSDs fail and how we can recover them:

Just because they don’t spin, doesn’t mean they don’t die. We specialize in SSD data recovery, especially when it comes to recovering data from drives with firmware corruption and/or failed controllers. Most controller models and SSD models are supported.

We charge $300 if we can recover your SSD, no charge if we can’t (this applies to almost all SSDs; including all SSDs that are 2TB and smaller and not encrypted). If you encrypted your SSD with Bitlocker, FileVault, Veracrypt, or something similar, or your SSD is larger than 2TB, we charge an additional $100 fee. You can use our Instant Rate Calculator to confirm the total charge for your SSD before mailing in or dropping off your device.

We can recover from SSDs with the following problems (and more):

  • Bricked drive 
  • Dead drive
  • Firmware corruption
  • Partition corruption
  • Logical failure
  • Drive has wrong size / incorrect size (i.e. 8MB or empty)
  • Drive name shows: “ROM MODE”
  • Serial number shows: “BAD_CTX”
  • Serial number shows: “NO_CONTEXT”
  • Serial number shows: “NO_DEFMAP”
  • Drive stuck in “BSY” mode
  • Drive crashes when trying to read/write data

Using cutting-edge SSD Data Recovery tools, such as the PC-3000 SSD and Deepspar Disk Imager with PCIe Addon, we are able to recover from these problems and more. 

We work with all SSD brands, including Apple, Intel, Sandisk, OCZ, OWC, Crucial, Corsair, Kingston, Micron, Plextor, Samsung, Seagate, and more.

February 10, 2023: See our press release announcing our solution for failed SanDisk Extreme Portable SSDs.

Note: while we do “chip-off” data recoveries, mainly for Flash drives, CF/CFast drives, and SD Cards; many newer SSDs cannot benefit from “chip-off” techniques due to unbreakable encryption (ECC/XOR). While an SSD’s chips can be removed; once dumped/read, the files within these chips are masked by “encrypted” sectors. SSD manufacturers use this encryption to hide their unique methods of data scrambling and optimization so other companies can’t steal them. 

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