Get your data back fast! 

Priority Service costs $50 up-front/non-refundable + $150 upon completion if the recovery is successful (in addition to the standard rate).

  • Priority Service will give you the fastest turnaround in the industry! The $50 up-front fee moves your drive straight to the front of our data recovery queue. We start working on your drive ASAP.
  • Priority Service includes the option to immediately download important files. We can upload up to 25GB of files to our server for immediate download as soon as they have been recovered.
  • If your hard drive needs a donor drive, we can perform the head/platter swap for you ASAP by using one of our existing donor drives. This will speed up the recovery process because donor drives usually take 2-4 days to be delivered. 
  • For Priority Service customers, we use our newest data recovery cloning machines which offer speeds 2x faster than older ones. 

Priority Service recoveries usually take 1-2 days to complete, but it could be as soon as a few hours! This all depends on the exact problem with the device and the amount of data that needs to be recovered. Due to potential issues like “platter damage” or “bit errors,” we cannot guarantee turn-around times

Note: for RAIDs, the cost for Priority Service is $50 per hard drive (up-front/non-refundable) and $150 per hard drive due upon completion (if the recovery is successful, in addition to the standard rate).

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