We take your data’s safety and privacy seriously.

Here are some ways we keep your data safe: Your data's safety

  • Once we recover your data, it’s backed up to an encrypted hard drive. The “backed up” data is saved for at least 7 days. After seven days we’ll securely delete all your data from our hard drive. Long-term encrypted data backup plans are available.
  • For Mac-formatted hard drives: your “backed up” data is stored securely on 256-bit AES encrypted disk image files.
  • For PC / Linux / Other formatted hard drives: your “backed up” data is stored securely on 256-bit AES encrypted virtual hard drives.
  • Our storefront is located on the second floor of a busy shopping center, near a busy intersection, and secured with a leading security system and off-site 24-hour recorded video surveillance in all six rooms.
  • We are a close-knit family at $300 Data Recovery with only five employees and three data recovery technicians. Brian Cometa is the owner of $300 Data Recovery and the lead data recovery technician. Tim is the clean room technician and Edgar is the assistant data recovery technician. Emely and Marina are the customer service representatives and handle all customer relations. 

Further options are available to secure your recovered data.

  • For a $50 flat fee, we can encrypt and password-protect your transfer drive to keep out prying eyes. We’ll use full-disk encryption with BitLocker (for PC formatted drives) or FileVault (for Mac formatted drives) for maximum protection and ease of use. The password is sent via e-mail, so if your drive gets misplaced or stolen, no data will be accessible. We offer this optional service if requested. 
  • We encourage you to include a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your hard drive. We’ll gladly sign it and e-mail back before getting to work. If you don’t have an NDA handy, you can use a free NDA generator. Please e-mail it to us (we’ll sign and e-mail back). You can use these details for an NDA:
    • Company Name: $300 Data Recovery
    • Recipient Name: Brian Cometa
    • Title: Owner

After your recovery is finished and successful…

  • We offer affordable hard drive destruction services. For $25, we physically break your drive in half so the data on your drive will NEVER be accessed again. We can perform this service in person while you are watching, or we can send you a video of the destruction process if requested. 

If you have any other questions about your privacy or how we work hard to keep your data safe, please let us know.


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