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$300 Data Recovery Yelp reviews

Featured Review (Pierre H. – 8/20/15):

“My Raid drives died suddenly one day while I was at work. No, I had not back them up recently!! I was quoted $1,500.00-$2,500.00 to get the data back. After spending $800.00 updating my system including new SSD Drives and a Windows upgrade, I simply could not afford to retrieve my data. My drives had been sitting in a box for 4 months.

When my wife found $300 Data Recovery I was very skeptical about their ability to do what I wanted. That’s where Yelp came in very handy!! After reading the reviews, I submitted my online request and followed up with dropping my drives off last week. In less than a week, I have my data back, I’ve already pulled old files to my hard drive, edited, and will use them tomorrow.

The interactions with this company are simply 21st Century!! No needless paper wasted in printing, everything is digital–if I want my own paper trail and can print it myself–Their progress updates were timely, succinct, and allowed for me to ask clarifying questions if needed. I was fully informed with each step of the process.

I hope I never need them again, but if I do, I won’t even hesitate–they’ll have my business!”

$300 data recovery facebook reviews

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Featured Review (Nelson H. – 7/1/19):

“$300 Dollar Data Recovery is THE ONLY DATA RECOVERY COMPANY YOU SHOULD USE, regardless of whether you are in the USA or Canada or elsewhere for that matter.

I am in Canada and I got quotes from many data recovery companies here that started from $900.00 and up to $1,500 or more. Nobody in Canada would give me a straight answer and tell me how much it would actually cost if my data was recovered.
After doing research online, I found $300 Dollar Data Recovery, read a lot of their reviews and personally spoke to some of their customers on Facebook Messenger who were incredibly satisfied with their services. So I did my homework on $300 Dollar Data Recovery and thought I’d give them a try.

And boy am I glad I did. From beginning to end, the experience of dealing with them went very smoothly. For starters, Brian (owner of the company) and his team of experts are incredibly honest, (giving exact estimates on costs) easy to work with and their communications by email telling me everything going on every step of the way was AMAZING !!

Bottom Line, in the end, it was cheaper (even with the Canadian/ American Dollar exchange rate) to send my broken external hard drive to California than to try and recover my data in Canada.

So, If I ever need these services again, I will not trust anyone else other than $300 Dollar Data Recovery to do the job !!!”

$300 data recovery google plus reviews

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Featured Review (Andy D. – 2/20):

“If it sounds too good to be true, this is one case where it is even better. Put my failed SSD in the mail to them on a Saturday, they notified me that they received it and were working on it by Monday, and I had my recovered data back within a week of mailing it. Absolutely incredible level of customer service with communication through the whole process. A model company. I hope i never have to, but I would definitely do business with them again if needed. I will recommend them to everyone i know. Thanks for getting my important business data back quickly!!! Saved me a week or two of work redoing work that hadn’t been backed up recently and some important family photos. Lesson learned.”

Better Business Bureau

300 Data Recovery, Data Recovery, Studio City, CA

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Featured Review (Dave K. – 6/17/20): 

“Ironically, I was backing up my hard drive with all our family pictures/videos and out of nowhere, the drive died. Windows couldn’t recognize it, I couldn’t access it and my stomach felt like it was about to shift into reverse and empty its contents.

I went to the local PC shops, all of which said they could send it off to a data center to get it retrieved. When I got the quotes back from these data places, they only wanted a paltry $2000. Look, we needed our data back, but for $2000 we almost, with very very sad hearts, decided it was a done deal and we’d never see our photos/videos again.

So I kept looking around, found $300 Data Recovery’s website, and instantly became an unbeliever because their prices were actually reasonable. To be honest, I thought it was too good to be true. I went to their review section and after going through the incredibly high amount of perfect scores they’ve earned, I decided it had to be legit. Wow, am I so grateful I did.

They recovered all 2TBs of our data for $400. Now if I do my calculations right, $400 is a lot less than $2000. I have never so happily given a company money than I did with $300 Data Recovery. To be honest, it made me pretty angry at the other companies who tried to charge thousands of dollars when $300 Data Recovery charged hundreds. The whole process took a little over a week and now all our family memories are recovered and safe (I’m currently backing them up to two different drives as we speak).

If you are not sure whether to give these guys a try, just do it, they are amazing. They provide an invaluable service and unlike the other companies out there, they don’t rip their customers off while doing it. They were able to successfully remove a gargantuan amount of stress from our lives and for that, we are extremely grateful.

Thank you $300 Data Recovery! We literally love you guys, no seriously are you seeing anyone? How about dinner?”

overy reviews on Thumbtack

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Featured Review (Christopher C. -12/29/14):

“The pricing is phenomenal and attentive customer service is more than adequate to address any little problems and concerns along the way. I was quoted $900 and $1,000 next lowest estimates by others, but I never had the money to pay fees as high as that. I waited two years before I finally found $300 Data Recovery and mailed in my drive. The recovery of 300GB data from the bad USB external drive to a brand new larger capacity transfer drive I purchased two years ago appears to be 100% complete and perfectly satisfactory.”

$300 data recovery reviews on Angie's List

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$300 data recovery business consumer alliance reviews

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• AAA rating

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Randy B. Singer, the co-author of The Macintosh Bible, highly recommended us on this mac-forums.com post! “This place has set the industry on their ear…”
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Lauren Weinstein, the technology writer and activist, wrote about his experience with us and with the data recovery industry in general. A great read! His blog entry begins, “As a matter of policy, I almost never make commercial endorsements…”
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Mr. Do wrote about his experience with $300 Data Recovery on the MameWorld forum. His local guy couldn’t recover it, Drive Saver’s estimate was sky-high as always, and we got back 99%+ of his data for $300.
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