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Our prices for data recovery range from $300-$500. This cost does not include a donor drive, shipping, or a transfer drive, if applicable. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend submitting a Chances Form before dropping off your device. We’ll respond ASAP with a price quote and your chances for a successful recovery.

If you want to provide your own transfer drive

  • It must be EMPTY! We will be re-formatting it (deleting any existing files) before we start moving the recovered data.
  • It must be a single external hard drive or bare SATA drive of equal or greater size than the “bad” drive. Sorry, we can not move to NAS (Network Attached Storage) hard drives or Linux formatted hard drives.
  • It must have enough free space to accommodate all your recovered data (which is sometimes greater than the total size of the bad drive).
  • If your transfer drive is found to be defective, you must buy one from us if your recovery is successful.
  • It must be dropped off at the same time you drop off your bad hard drive. We do not accept transfer hard drives after receiving your “bad” hard drive.

If your failed hard drive is inside an external enclosure…

  • We will need to remove the enclosure in order to gain access to the bare drive. The enclosure may be damaged during this process. We do not install the hard drive back into the enclosure (although we will give back the enclosure along with the bad drive).
  • If you already removed your hard drive from the enclosure, please do not re-assemble it. Keep the enclosure and just give us the bare hard drive (along with the enclosure’s PCB, if there is one).

We’re open Monday-Friday from 10AM-7PM. We’re closed Saturday and Sunday.

$300 Data Recovery
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