Need help finding your hard drive’s model number?

To find out the model of your hard drive, you need to look at the label on the bare hard drive. Use the example model numbers and pictures below to help find your hard drive’s model number.

If your hard drive is inside an external enclosure (that is, if you have an “external hard drive”), the only way to get the model number is by disassembling the enclosure and removing the hard drive. 

Seagate | Maxtor | Western Digital | Fujitsu | Hitachi/HGST | Toshiba | Samsung


Model numbers start with “ST.” Example Seagate model numbers: ST9500325AS, ST380011A, ST3500841AS, ST3160023AS, ST91000430AS, ST9808211A, ST360020A.

Still can’t find your Seagate model number? Try Seagate’s free online Model Number Locator.


Model numbers are usually located in the top right corner, bottom left corner, or both (as pictured below). Example Maxtor model numbers: 6Y160M0, 6H400F0, 6H500F0, 6Y080I0, 6Y250P00, 7H500R0, 6B250S0.

Still can’t find your Maxtor model number? Try Seagate/Maxtor’s free online Model Number Locator.

Western Digital

Model numbers always start with “WD” (don’t forget the characters after the “-“). Example Western Digital model numbers: WD2500JB-00GVA0, WD1200BB-22FTA0, WD10EADS-65M2B0, WD7500KMVV-11A27S2, WD2300AAJS-65RYA0.


Model numbers usually start with “MJ” or “MH.” Example Fujitsu model numbers: MJA2160BH, MJA2500BH, MHT2080AH, MHV2100AH, MHW2160BH, MHZ2320BH, MHY2200BH.


Model numbers usually start with “HTS” or “HD” or “HUS” (length is typically 8 or 15 characters). Less common prefixes include “DTLA” and “IC.” Example Hitachi model numbers: HTS722020K9SA00, HTS545050B9SA02, HDS722020ALA330, HTS723232L9SA6, HDT721010SLA360, HDE721010SLA330.


Model numbers start with “MK” or “MQ” (usually 9-10 characters long). New (2016+) 3.5″ Toshiba drives may start with “HDKP” or “DT” (these are actually Hitachi drives).

Example Toshiba model numbers: MK8025GAS, MK6021GAS, MK5055GSX, MK3255GSXF, MK8034GSX, MK1237GSX, MK7559GSM, MQ01UBB200, HDKPC32AKA01, HDKPC08A0A01, HDKPC09A0A01, DT01ABA300.


Model numbers usually start with “HD,” “HM,” or “HS.” Example Samsung model numbers: HS06THB, HS082HB, HD501LJ, HD103SI, HD103SJ, HM160HI.

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