Are Flash Drives Recoverable? 

This video details our USB Flash Drive data recovery process and rates.

2019 update: We no longer charge an attempt fee for USB Flash Drive data recoveries!

There are three main failures with USB Flash Drives…

1. Broken or bad USB connector/interface
We can manually solder the data leads from a USB cable or connector to flash drive’s PCB, even in cases where pads are lifted or missing (see photos below).

2. Bad fuse or other chip on PCB
We can often locate the bad component and replace or bypass it so we can image the drive.

3. Failed/corrupt controller 
We can remove the flash chips and perform chip-off data recovery by reading the chips and reconstructing the controller’s algorithms (see photos below).

USB Flash Drive Recovery Rates

For any flash drive that DOESN’T require “chip-off” recovery (#1 and sometimes #2 above), the cost is $300. But, if you also encrypted your flash drive with Bitlocker, FileVault, Veracrypt, or something similar, we charge an additional $100 encryption fee.

For any flash drive that REQUIRES  “chip-off” recovery (sometimes #2 and always #3 above), we charge $300 per chip (most flash drives only contain one or two flash memory/data chips). We also charge a $100 labor fee per chip if you do not want the data we were able to recover (if less than 99% was recovered). If more than 99% was recovered, there is no option to decline our recovery.

We use the best-in-class tools for Chip-off data recovery

This includes Ace Laboratory’s PC3000-Flash, Rusolut’s VNR, and Flash Extractor

We can recover from USB Flash Drives with the following problems (and more):

  • Bricked drive
  • Dead drive
  • Firmware corruption
  • Partition corruption
  • Logical failure
  • Drive has wrong size / incorrect size (i.e. 8MB or empty)
  • Drive has wrong model number in BIOS
  • Broken or bent USB interface/connector

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